In early November, the anchors and corner buoys for the seaweed farm at Kriegers Flak were deployed – despite autumn rain, wind and waves. A team from the Danish Technical University (DTU), Carapax, Kerteminde Seafarm and Aarhus University (AU) boarded the vessel, Søløven, in Køge Harbour Tuesday in week 44. Four large yellow corner buoys […]

In September, the Kattegatcentre introduced a new concept called “Ocean Cooking Classes for Families,” focusing on teaching families how to incorporate seaweed and mussels into familiar everyday dishes. Initially, 24 families attended the cooking classes at the Kattegatcentre, where they were introduced to both mussels and the three types of seaweed that are to be […]

During an inspiring workshop in Roskilde on October 5th, 2023, Dorothy Denkel and her research group from Bergen University, along with 6 representatives from WIN@Sea and our advisory board, went through all of the UN’s 169 sustainable development goals. The exercise aimed to identify the sustainable development goals that WIN@Sea addresses – one way or […]

A cozy little street food market opens every weekend during the summer at Klintholm Harbor. It is a great place to meet many people – both locals, tourists, and sailors are passing by. Therefore, it is an ideal spot to talk about the visions and activities in the WIN@Sea project while serving delicious dishes of […]

DTU Aqua is going to cultivate dulse and sugar kelp at different water depths at Kriegers Flak to examine the interaction between seaweed species as well as the length of the seedlings at the time of deployment. Therefore, in the seaweed hatchery of DTU, ropes inoculated with microscopic dulse spores (see Image 1) have slowly […]

In the WIN@sea project, we are investigating the possibility of cultivating various species of seaweed in the offshore wind farm at Kriegers Flak. And now, we have obtained the permit from the Danish Coastal Authority! This means that we are now allowed to establish a pilot-scale cultivation facility within Kriegers Flak wind farm. The facility […]

In the WIN@sea project, we are investigating the possibility of cultivating different species of seaweed in the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm, and we are also examining the feasibility of cultivating blue mussels in the area. Therefore, we are working on collecting mussel spat, which is the tiny larvae of blue mussels. Mussels are reproduce […]

One of the activities in the WIN@sea project is to investigate the biodiversity in the wind turbine park at Kriegers Flak. In this case it is done using a special technique called environmental DNA (eDNA). In June, AURORA, Aarhus University’s research ship, sailed through Kriegers Flak wind turbine park on its way home from ”Folkemødet” […]

Underwater robot mapping biodiversity

In mid-June, researchers from Aarhus University conducted studies at Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm using Aarhus University’s motorboat called Niisa. The purpose of the trip was to investigate the plant and animal life on three wind turbine foundations – from the water surface to the bottom – not only on the foundations themselves but also […]

A strong focus on risk assessment

One of the tasks in the WIN@sea project is to explore how offshore wind farms can be combined with aquaculture. When working at sea with heavy equipment, wind, and waves, there is an extra focus on safety. Currently, the work that participants in the WIN@sea project will do in the wind farm at Kriegers Flak […]

First meeting of the stakeholder group

With the WIN@sea project, it is the first time production of fossil-free energy in an offshore wind farm is combined with following; aquaculture production of food in the form of seaweed and mussels, mapping of biodiversity differences at the wind turbine foundations and in the area surrounding the turbines, as well as environmental monitoring. The […]

Initiation of a unique collaboration

The WIN@sea project lasts for 4 years, and in the early summer of 2023, the first research – and development activities begin at Vattenfall’s offshore wind farm at Kriegers Flak. In March, project participants were therefore gathered at Vattenfall’s facility at Klintholm Harbor on the island of Møn. From here the wind turbines in the […]