OLAMUR – An EU-supported Multi-Use Project

Scaling Up Multi-Use at Sea

WIN@sea is part of the extensive EU-supported project known as OLAMUR.

OLAMUR stands for Offshore Low-trophic Aquaculture in Multi-Use Scenario Realisation, and the project aims to explore opportunities to combine seaweed and mussel production with renewable energy production in offshore wind farms. The goal is to utilize the same marine area for multiple purposes, a concept known as multi-use, which contributes to optimizing space at sea.

In the OLAMUR project, 25 partners from European research institutions and companies collaborate, focusing on three pilot projects. WIN@sea is the Danish pilot project, and there are also German and Estonian projects involving rainbow trout farming near the island of Heligoland and a fish farm, respectively.

Funding for the OLAMUR project, totaling 8.2 million euros over four years, comes from the EU’s Horizon Missions Lighthouse Project.

Learn more about OLAMUR here.