”Ocean Cooking Classes for Families” at the Kattegatcentre in Grenaa

In September, the Kattegatcentre introduced a new concept called “Ocean Cooking Classes for Families,” focusing on teaching families how to incorporate seaweed and mussels into familiar everyday dishes. Initially, 24 families attended the cooking classes at the Kattegatcentre, where they were introduced to both mussels and the three types of seaweed that are to be produced at Kriegers Flak as part of the WIN@sea project. The three species are sugar kelp, sea lettuce, and dulse.

The food was prepared over an open bonfire, and both adults and children participated in making mussels with homemade seaweed pasta, “tangtillas” toasted in dulseoil, and a homemade vegan pesto made with sea lettuce.

The focus was on the next generation of consumers – namely the youngest members of the family. It is crucial for children to embrace these new ingredients and to develop an interest in experimenting with sustainable resources from the sea. Therefore, the concept ‘food courage’ was an important part of the concept. The more children are involved in the kitchen and the more successful they are in the cooking process, the more inclined they are to taste the final dishes.

The children showed great enthusiasm to participate in all the processes, and most of them enjoyed tasting the various dishes prepared with sustainable and healthy resources from the sea.