WIN@Sea at Klintholm Food & Market by Klintholm Harbor

A cozy little street food market opens every weekend during the summer at Klintholm Harbor.

It is a great place to meet many people – both locals, tourists, and sailors are passing by. Therefore, it is an ideal spot to talk about the visions and activities in the WIN@Sea project while serving delicious dishes of mussels and seaweed.

On Sunday, August 20th, the Kattegatcenter’s bonfire stove heated up 10 liters of mussel soup, while a beautiful green and climate-friendly seaweed pesto with sea lettuce, created by the Kattegatcenter’s chef, was served on small pieces of bread.

Both the seaweed pesto, mussels, and WIN@Sea were well received by both children and adults, and we had the opportunity to talk with many good people – both locals and visiting sailors.