Permission for seaweed cultivation successfully completed

In the WIN@sea project, we are investigating the possibility of cultivating various species of seaweed in the offshore wind farm at Kriegers Flak. And now, we have obtained the permit from the Danish Coastal Authority!

This means that we are now allowed to establish a pilot-scale cultivation facility within Kriegers Flak wind farm.

The facility will be located in the southwest corner of the park. The dimensions of the area will be 250 * 700 meters marked with four large yellow navigation buoys, each equipped with lights. The seaweed cultivation area will be marked on nautical charts and communicated through all required channels to seafarers.

The seaweed cultivation facility will consist of four mainlines connected in series and anchored to the seabed with five screw anchors.

Now, we are waiting to acquire all the necessary equipment, a ship to take us at the location for cultivation, and, most importantly, favourable weather conditions!

The goal is to have the facility ready when the seaweed seedlings need to be placed in the water in mid-October.