First meeting of the stakeholder group

With the WIN@sea project, it is the first time production of fossil-free energy in an offshore wind farm is combined with following;

aquaculture production of food in the form of seaweed and mussels, mapping of biodiversity differences at the wind turbine foundations and in the area surrounding the turbines, as well as environmental monitoring. The project’s results can have a significant impact on how the sea around Denmark is managed in the future. To ensure that all those with an interest in the sea have access to the project’s results and also have the opportunity to contribute with knowledge and viewpoints, an Advisory Board, or stakeholder group, has been established. The stakeholder group is open to new participants.

The WIN@sea project’s stakeholder group includes the following stakeholders:

Danish Energy Agency, Christine Schultz Yde Eriksen

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Morten Brozek

Danish Maritime Authority, Liv Lindhardt Frandsen

Coastal Authority, Anne Villadsgaard

Danish Society for Nature Conservation, Henning Mørk Jørgensen

Danish Fisheries Agency, Thomas Bjerre Larsen

Danish Fishermen’s Association, Henrik Lund

Ocean Institute, Mathilde Højrup

FOGA, Bo Fyhring Sørensen

North Sea Farmers, Eef Brouwers

Green Power Denmark, Kristine van het Erve Grunnet

Association for Gentle Coastal Fishing?, David Lange

Vordingborg Municipality, Beth Søeborg Lundholm

Ocean Harvest (Havhøst), Joakim Hjerl